Sell Us Your Bulk

Selling Us Your Pokemon Bulk


Listed below is an easy step-by-step guide on how to get the most out of your bulk. All cards must be in Near Mint condition, English, unsleeved, pre-sorted, pre-counted, and authentic.


1. Organize your cards by rarity and by if they’re foil or not foil. In the bottom left or right, you will see the collector number of the card and the rarity symbol. There are 3 main rarity symbols that you will need to know: Commons, Uncommons, and Rares. Commons will be denoted by this symbol here → • (circle). Uncommons will be denoted by this symbol → ◆ (diamond). Rares will be denoted with this symbol → ★ (star). All of your commons and uncommons will be grouped together, there is no need to separate them.
2. You will need to separate the reverse holofoil cards from your standard non-foil or foil cards. When you’re done with this, you should have 5 basic, separate groups of cards: non-foil commons/uncommons (c/uc), reverse holofoil commons/uncommons, non-foil rares, reverse holofoil rares, and holofoil rares.
3. Trainer cards and “special” energy cards will be sorted just like any other card, by their rarity symbol and whether or not they are foil. Do not sort further by type, set, or card type. We do not currently accept basic energy in bulk at this time and we will decline bulk that is “too” sorted. 

4. If you have any Ultra Rare cards (Pokemon V, VMAX, GX, EX, etc.), they will have separate bulk rates as listed on the bulk form attached to this sheet. Separate them out properly into their own categories as well.
5. Finally, you will need to count all of your cards in the categories listed on the bulk form attached to this sheet. If you have not pre-sorted nor pre-counted your bulk, we will take an estimated number of cards you have and take it all at the base price of $0.005 each.
If your cards are not all unsleeved, or if you included basic Energy cards in your counts, or some are found to be non-near mint, non-English, or counterfeit, we may either take it all at the base rate of $0.005, deduct a percentage fee from the value of your bulk, or decline the bulk altogether at our discretion. Please be diligent in removing any bulk that is basic Energy, worse than Light Play, non-English, or counterfeit.
Please ensure that your cards are in a suitable container that you don’t mind us keeping. 4-row BCW boxes are preferred, but ETBs and other easy-to-estimate-count boxes are acceptable. Please do not have your bulk wrapped in elastic bands, ziplock bags or other difficult to unwrap coverings. Cards should be easy to flip through for verification and all facing the same direction. (No counting out a certain number then flipping the next stack of 100 backwards, for example) This will help ensure your bulk is processed faster.

 Please do not sort your bulk in any way other than the above described instructions. We will not accept alphabetized, colour-organized, set-organized etc. bulk. Cards must be sorted by rarity ONLY.



(Cash/Store Credit)

Commons/uncommons: _________________________$0.01/$0.015

Reverse holo c/uc: ____________________$0.04/$0.05

Rares: _________________________ $0.03/$0.04

Reverse holo rares: ______________ $0.05/$0.06

Holo Rares: ______________________$0.02/$0.03

Pokemon V/ex/GX: _________________________ $0.50/$0.75

Full Art Supporters: ___________________ $0.75/$1.00



(Circle one) I would like: CASH or STORE CREDIT

Total: _________________


I, __________________, certify that the above numbers are true and correct to the best of my ability. I also understand any discrepancies may result in all cards being taken at the base rate of $0.005, a 15% fee applied to the final total, or the bulk declined altogether.

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