I placed an order with you and don't see a tracking number/ Have not recieved my package yet, what happened?

Tracking numbers are automatically sent to our customers via Shopify's fulfillment module- it will send to the e-mail you checkout with, so be sure that your e-mail is correct. Note that only tracked or courier mailed packages will have tracking numbers. Bubble mailer or plain white envelope options do NOT come with tracking and are not insured from loss or damage.

Bubble Mailed and Plain White Envelope orders usually arrive within 2 weeks, but occasionally do take up to a month. If you need your cards quickly please use a courier shipped option like Fedex or UPS.

I ordered from you and got an email saying my order was only partially fulfilled- what happened?

This is most likely our Ship Insure protection, which is fulfilled separately. Shopify fulfils your main order and shipping protection as two separate line items and automatically sends you an email as we complete them. If you receive a refund notification along with your partially fulfilled order notification, that means one of the items in your order was out of stock. If you don't get a refund notification, but you do get a partial fulfillment notification, it's just the insurance & shipping being finished. 

How do I sell cards to you?

We accept buylists both online and in-store. In-store customers also have the option of having one of our dedicated inventory staff create a buylist while they wait. We are unable to give individual trade values on card singles in-store, so if you would like to see a breakdown of prices for your cards you must use our buylist feature online. 

We are not obligated to purchase your cards and reserve the right to decline your buylist for any reason. The online buylist is meant to be used as an estimation and prices may be adjusted in store for condition, overstock pricing or new release pricing as needed. You are never required to sell your buylisted cards to us, and if you decide our adjusted values are not in line with what you'd like to recieve for your card there is zero hassle in cancelling your buylist or letting us know you'd rather keep your cards. 

Our regular rates are roughly 50% cash and 70% store credit of TCGplayer's market price, converted, but we reserve the right to offer more or less than this price on any card as we deem fit. Cards over $100 or cards released in the past 2 weeks are not accurately reflected in our system due to their volatile nature and will be subject to price adjustment. New release cards may be taken at rates as low as 30% for cash and 50% for credit to account for the quick drop in price most new release singles see. 

Do you have limits on how much of a product I can purchase?

We reserve the right to adjust the quantities of products ordered. These decisions will be made on a case by case basis and you will be notified of any changes made to your order. This pertains to and is not limited to "buyouts" and other orders involving the sale of high demand products. If an order is deemed to be for resale purposes it may also be subject to a potential adjustment.

What do your 'conditions' on singles mean? 

We list condition on all of our singles so you know what to expect when you order a card. We use the following as a rough guide:


NM/Near Mint- Card is between perfect condition and near-perfect condition. May have up to 3-4 small dots of whiting.


LP/Light Play- Card has between 3-4 small dots of whiting to a handful of minor but noticeable imperfections. May have a few light scratches, scuffs or edgewear but no major defects. 


MP/Moderate Play- May have more corner wear, more noticeable whiting or scuffs and may have a small crease or two. The card will still be 'playable' condition but obviously played.


HP/Heavy Play- Card has a severe amount of corner or edgewear, may have dents or creases. These cards will still be playable in a sleeve.


DMG/Damaged- Card has enough issues that is would be illegal for tournament play. Extreme border and corner wear, may have heavy scratching, water damage, folds, creases, missing bits of colour or with dirt spots. 


Please note we do not guarantee any card may receive any particular grade through grading services. We cannot confirm if any card would grade "Gem Mint" and your Near Mint card order may have a few minor imperfections. We do not guarantee good centering on any card. You are welcome to message us on our Facebook page for closer pictures of cards you are considering: www.facebook.com/darkfoxtcg


Refund/ Exchange Policy

Due to the changing nature of card values and to avoid cards being purchased solely for a tournament weekend then returned in worse condition, all singles sales are final. If there are bends, dents or creases in cards labelled LP or NM please message us to work out a suitable resolution. Cards can be exchanged at our current trade in values - see our buylist feature for prices.


Where are you located? Can I pick up?

We are located in Hamilton, ON at 730 Upper James St, Unit 5. Our store is around the back of the building, behind the Barry's Jewelers and Rexall Pharmacy.

Can you hold items for me?
We cannot effectively hold items for you, but we can put an item aside in-store. However, this does not take it off the website and does not prevent someone else from buying it online. If you want to secure an item, you are encouraged to place an online order. 

Why can't I place an online order and pay in store?
Due to an increase in abandoned orders and speculative unpaid orders, we have had to remove the option to pay in store. We apologize for the inconvenience. We can refund an online order if you would like to secure your cards first then pay cash on pickup. Due to the volatility of the card market, we must prioritize paying customers first. We thank you for your understanding.

You've approved my buylist, how do I mail my cards to you?

1. Package your cards in a way that will keep them in the same condition throughout the mailing process. We recommend sleeving, top loading then team bagging your cards. Sandwiching less expensive cards between two expensive toploaded cards is a great way to ship. If you don’t have team bags, ziplock bags and tape work. Some form of waterproof covering is strongly encouraged to prevent water damage. If you’re not using team bags, tape the top of your top loaders.

2. Ship the cards to us using your preferred courier. We accept Canada Post, UPS, FedEx and Canpar. Tracking is strongly encouraged as we are not liable for lost or stolen mail. Choose an insurance coverage amount you are comfortable with if your package goes missing or is damaged. The tracking and insurance information is what you will need to provide the courier to get your money back if there are any problems in transit.

Our address is:

Attn: Austin Ellis
Dark Fox TCG
730 Upper James
Unit 5
Hamilton, ON

3. Once your cards are received, our buy team will assess the condition & edition of the cards sent to us versus your submitted buylist. If everything matches up correctly, we will e-transfer or add your store credit the same day!

Some factors may reduce the value of your buylist. The most common ones are selecting the wrong version of a card (I.e selecting 1st edition when your card is Unlimited) or selecting the wrong condition of your card. Please see the FAQ on our website for information on how we condition cards. If you submit a card as Near Mint but it has whiting on all edges, creases, bends, nicks or dents, the value will drop substantially. This is most common in Vintage Pokémon singles, so be sure to condition your cards correctly on the buylist to avoid unpleasant surprises.

If the value of your cards does not match what you buylisted to us, we will contact you with the updated amount we can pay for the singles you sent in. You may decline the updated offer and provide a shipping label or pay a shipping fee to have your cards returned. Again, to avoid unnecessary expenses and inconvenience, please ensure you fill out the buylist correctly.


How can I contact you?
You may contact us on various channels listed below:
Phone: 905 385 1338
General Inquiries:

Facebook/ Instagram @Darkfoxtcg



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