What do your 'conditions' on singles mean? 

We list condition on all of our singles so you know what to expect when you order a card. We use the following as a rough guide:


NM/Near Mint- Card is between perfect condition and near-perfect condition. May have up to 3-4 small dots of whiting.


LP/Light Play- Card has between 3-4 small dots of whiting to a handful of minor but noticeable imperfections. May have a few light scratches, scuffs or edgewear but no major defects. 


MP/Moderate Play- May have more corner wear, more noticeable whiting or scuffs and may have a small crease or two. The card will still be 'playable' condition but obviously played.


HP/Heavy Play- Card has a severe amount of corner or edgewear, may have dents or creases. These cards will still be playable in a sleeve.


DMG/Damaged- Card has enough issues that is would be illegal for tournament play. Extreme border and corner wear, may have heavy scratching, water damage, folds, creases, missing bits of colour or with dirt spots. 


Please note we do not guarantee any card may receive any particular grade through grading services. We cannot confirm if any card would grade "Gem Mint" and your Near Mint card order may have a few minor imperfections. We do not guarantee good centering on any card. You are welcome to message us on our Facebook page for closer pictures of cards you are considering: www.facebook.com/darkfoxtcg


Refund/ Exchange Policy

Due to the changing nature of card values and to avoid cards being purchased solely for a tournament weekend then returned in worse condition, all singles sales are final. If there are bends, dents or creases in cards labelled LP or NM please message us to work out a suitable resolution. Cards can be exchanged at our current trade in values - see our buylist feature for prices.


Where are you located? Can I pick up?

We are located in Hamilton, ON at 730 Upper James St, Unit 5. Our store is around the back of the building, behind the Barry's Jewelers and Rexall Pharmacy.



How can I contact you?
You may contact us on various channels listed below:
Phone: 905 385 1338
email: Darkfoxtcg@gmail.com
Facebook/ Instagram @Darkfoxtcg