Kid's League FAQ

Kids League FAQ

Q: Who can participate in the kid’s league?

A: Our kid’s league is open to children 12 years or younger. Children should at the minimum be able to read, do basic math (adding/subtracting), and be able to shuffle their own deck.


Q: What does my child need to play?

A: They will need their own sleeved, 60-card standard deck, dice or damage counters, and condition markers. A VSTAR counter is needed for decks that use VSTAR attacks/abilities. Additional accessories that are good to have but not required: Dice bag, play mat, binders for extra cards, deck box.


Q: When does the event run?

A: The Learn-to-Play session starts at 6pm, and the League starts at 6:30. We will run until about 8:30pm, depending how long matches take. This will be a weekly event on Wednesdays.


Q: My child doesn’t have a deck or know how to play, how can we get them involved?

A: We have a Learn-To-Play Kit available for $69.99 which will include everything they need to play: A Standard Format competitive deck, sleeves, condition markers, entry into the Kid’s League event and entry to our Learn-To-Play session that starts at 6pm.


Q: Can I stay with my child at the event?

A: All children must have a parent or guardian stay with them for the duration of the event. Parents can sit with their child only during our Learn-To-Play session. During regular League paired rounds parents must not interfere or hover over matches.


Q: What’s the difference between the Learn-To-Play session and the league?

A: The Learn-To-Play session is designed to gives kids a crash course in Pokemon. They will learn the basics of how to play the Pokemon TCG and will have Pokemon Professors on hand to help them with any questions. This takes place promptly at 6pm. The Kids League is for players who already know how to play to have a mini tournament and win booster packs. Children should know the basic rules of the game, or attend our Learn-to-Play session first.


Q: My child plays online but doesn’t know what Standard Format is. Can they still play?

A: Standard format refers to an allowable list of cards that players can use in their deck. Currently this list includes all cards from the “Sword and Shield” expansion onwards, or all cards with a “D” regulation mark forwards (D, E, F, etc.) If you’ve purchased any cards that were released since 2020, they will (generally!) be legal to play in this event. (Excluding any banned cards or silver-bordered World Championship cards)


Q: What benefits does playing Pokemon have for my child?

A: Other than being a fantastic way to get some fun social interaction with other kids, Pokemon is a great way to learn critical thinking skills, practice math, and plan strategies! Did you know: Over 70% of our Masters participants in our Monday Pokemon League have a College Certificate or higher, compared to just 50% in the general population. Several of our Masters League participants have also made thousands of dollars playing Pokemon competitively in circuits around the world. If your child places high enough, Pokemon will pay you to travel world-wide for events with them! Do well enough at Regionals level events or higher and your child could win Scholarships and up to $25,000 cash.