Pre-Releases Are Back! Here's What You Need to Know:

Dark Fox TCG is running an Evolving Skies pre-release! This event will be hosted on Saturday, August 21st with Registration at 11am and deck construction starting at noon. It will cost $45 flat for entry. This is the first set since Sword & Shield that is getting in-person pre-release events. So how do you actually play in one of these Sealed events?

When we begin, you will recieve a Build & Battle Kit which contains 4 packs of Evolving Skies and an Evolution Kit to help round our your deck. Your Evolution Kit will contain full evolution lines of certain Pokemon and trainer cards. We reccomend checking which types are included in your kit and building your deck to match their energy type! 

You will have 30 minutes to build a 40 card deck and may use cards with the same name more than 4 times if you like (As opposed to Constructed format decks which are restricted to 4 or less of the same Pokemon and have 60 card decks) Energy will be provided. 

We will run 3 rounds of  Best of One swiss, 20 minutes + 3 turns each. If you play at least 2 of these rounds, you will get an additional 3 packs of Evolving Skies as prizing. 

Pre-Registration is strongly encouraged for this event as we are capped at 20 players due to our Build & Battle allocation. Message us or pop by the store to register!

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