Evolving Skies Full Arts and Secret Rares Leaked!

Scans for the Full Arts and Secret Rares from Evolving Skies have just been leaked in France! Check out what cards will be included in our English version and which ones didn't make the cut from Eevee Heroes. Scans below are what we can expect to see in Evolving Skies when it releases in Canada August 27th. 


Some notable cards missing from our English release seem to be the Flareon, Vaporeon and Glaceon Full Arts- it's possible that they're simply on the page previous and didn't make it into this leak though. 

For alt arts, it seems more likely that if they're not shown here that we won't be getting them. This includes the Glaceon sitting on the bench, Vaporeon V Alt art, Leafeon in his pile of leaves, and Espeon on the building. 

But some new cards we weren't sure about seem to be confirmed in this set! The alt arts for Dragonite, Rayquaza and Duraludon are absolutely beautiful, and we're also getting an awesome looking Noivern alt art! This set has some of the best card art I've seen- it's definitely going to be a hugely successful set. I'm so glad that the two Umbreon alt arts and the Espeon reading books cards made the cut into this set- I'll be trying to get my hands on those myself!

Here's the cards that appear to be Japanese-only for this set. Will these cards being exclusive to Japan make you more likely to want to buy Eevee Heroes? Or will you only be collecting the English versions out of Evolving Skies? I love them all and really want to see if we can get some Eevee Heroes in stock at the store too!


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